Get Ranked Much Much Faster Than On Google Or Bing

Get Ranked Much Much Faster Than On Google Or Bing

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DuckDuckGo rapidly attracts users with dynamic search practices and privacy policies, with endless growth potential for your business. Grow your conversion rate by using this largely untapped platform with our DuckDuckGo SEO services!

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Our DuckDuckGo SEO experts will use our proven techniques to pick apart your website and implement changes that are designed to:

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DuckDuckGo may not be as big as Google or Bing, but it still has a massive following behind it. In fact, the amount of searches that DuckDuckGo conducts monthly has been steadily increasing since 2017 as more and more businesses gravitate towards the platform to rank their websites.

Our DuckDuckGo SEO team will create a strategy tailored to ensure you break into this niche group of users and connect with your target audience to boost your overall SEO ranking.

As Featured In: Why Do People Like DuckDUckGo?

Despite the obvious advantage search engines like Google and Bing have in the search engine space, DuckDuckGo has a bit of a hidden weapon that the bigger companies fail to use.

They actively deal with privacy concerns.

DuckDuckGo has the unique advantage of not tracking your personal information or search history. No personal info track seo hizmeti king, no annoying ads. This can lead to higher-quality traffic for your business and more brand awareness.

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We are an experienced DuckDuckGo SEO agency, with a team of DuckDuckGo SEO experts who will help you to develop a results-driven SEO ranking strategy. Our SEO services are designed to help take your brand to the next level!

Keyword OptimizationWe’ll conduct comprehensive keyword research to find the best keywords for your niche. Location OptimizationAs DuckDuckGo does not track location, we will tailor your SEO strategy to manually appear in relevant prospects, in relevant areas. Optimum Tags ResearchWe’ll make suggestions regarding your website's tags, from your H1 tags to your footer, to give your website that extra polish. Some Of Our Clients Ready To Grow Your Website On DuckDuckGo?

Ready to spike growth for your website? Contact one of our DuckDuckGo SEO experts today and crush search rankings!

SUBMIT ENQUIRY DuckDuckGo SEO Services FAQs How should I improve my DuckDuckGo SEO?

You can potentially improve your DuckDuckGo SEO by:

Getting quality backlinks.Submitting your websites to other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.Submitting your bang!Make sure to repurpose your content on other publishing platforms, like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, beBee, Amazon, and so on.Does DuckDuckGo have enough traffic for SEO?

According to DuckDuckGo, there were 6 billion searches conducted on its site in 2017, which reflected an approximate 50 per cent increase from 2016. The daily average number of searches in 2017 was around 19 million.

Does DuckDuckGo SEO involve optimization for Bing & Yahoo?

We know that DuckDuckGo is pulling from Bing and Yahoo, so let’s ensure we are following best practices for these search engines, which is something that you should be doing anyway considering they have a decent share of the search market.

For example, review your XML sitemaps. Ensure they are accurate and error-free and submit them to Bing Webmaster Tools (credit to Micah Albert on this tip).

Also, use Bing Webmaster Tools to check your website’s health, monitor crawl and indexation performance, and identify optimization improvements.

How does !bang help DuckDuckGo SEO?

A bang! is a search feature unique to DuckDuckGo that lets the user directly search another site when inserted as part of a search query. For example,  the search “!w shoes” would take you directly to Wikipedia’s own results for shoes.

You can submit your own !bang to be included as part of DuckDuckGo, which may give you a boost in direct searches on your website, particularly important for online retailers or e-commerce businesses.

Do local modifiers help DuckDuckGo SEO?

Due to DuckDuckGo having to compromise on location tracking for the sake of user privacy, optimizing specifically for local keyword variants is essential for appearing for users searching locally.

What is the strongest DuckDuckGo SEO tip?

The best way to get good rankings is to get links from high-quality sites. The fact that links are the only SEO factor mentioned directly by DuckDuckGo indicates its importance in the search engine, growing your quality backlink profile.

DuckDuckBot help DuckDuckGo SEO?

DuckDuckBot, although a crawler, only does certain tasks. In fact, apparently, it doesn’t index the web. In other words, even though DuckDuckBot looks at the web, it does it to perform particular tasks, which only in part affects the DuckDuckGo index, thus rankings.

What are the platforms that I can use to rank on DuckDuckGo?

An interesting pattern that comes out is that you can use some platforms like Goodreads, LinkedIn, Quora, beBee, Amazon to get ranked. At the same time, make sure to share it through other communities like Reddit, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow.

How do I achieve the “official site tag” on DuckDuckGo?

If you want your brand’s website to get an “official site” tag, in DuckDuckGo search results, then you need to get mentioned on high-quality sources like Wikipedia or CrunchBase.

Does DuckDuckGo run Local SEO algorithms?

Unfortunately, DuckDuckGo doesn’t use a separate algorithm for hyperlocal search terms. Since it doesn’t track user behavior and exact location, local businesses have to rely on using hyperlocal terms in their content.

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